Friday, July 27, 2007

Easy Goopy Chocolate Cake

Bake 1 chocolate cake mix as directed on box, except
add 1 big handful of chocolate chips. Poke holes in the
cake with a fork while cake is still warm. Pour 1 can
sweetened condensed milk over cake and then pour
1 bottle (6-8oz.) of caramel topping over cake.
Refrigerate overnight or at least a few hours. Spread
with whipped topping and then sprinkle with crushed
Health bar and serve. People think you've spent hours
preparing a fancy dessert but really you've only spent
about 5 minutes!!


Jan said...

WOW!!! I need this RIGHT NOW!

The Duenas Fam said...

I have to make this this week! My family will love it!!! Sounds to die for!

The Duenas Fam said...

It was soooo good!!!!!