Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Goodies

I thought I would post some fun food ideas for Halloween.
Last year I posted a recipe for dinner in a pumpkin. I
make this every year and my family loves having dinner
come from a pumpkin.
Kraft foods has some fun and easy recipes for
Halloween like this Skeleton and Brain Dip.
Maybe I can get my kids to eat their vegetables this way. :)
I think these witches hats are such a cute idea from
Betty Crocker.
I know my family would love these Yummy Mummy Dogs
from Rhodes. Check out their site they have some more
fun recipes for Halloween. What are some of you favorite Halloween goodies?
If you have any favorite Halloween recipes
please share them.


hoLLy said...

those are all so cute! i'll have to try some of those cool recipes out. as far as ideas from me, we aren't too creative. i do have this book with cute ideas. i've made ghost cupcakes using marshmallows and a frankenstein cake before. and of course decorating sugar cookies is a must! :)

Wendy said...

Thanks for the ideas, I have been looking for cute ideas for food and not sweets for dinner on Halloween. I actually think that my kids might eat that stuff.